‘Urgent Measures For Unfair Competition Against Real Estate Should Be Taken’

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Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı who is General Manager of Altın Emlak evaluated the real estate activities of construction company and site managment.

In the second hand sales and leasing of collective housing, which have become widespread in recent years, construction companies and site management have begun to take part.

Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı who is General Manager of Altın Emlak has evaluations of concerning to the subject, and he said that “These companies, which appear to be the only authorized sales and leasing office, are now real estate agents. Some site managments are experiencing new challenges every day for legally operating real estate companies. Realtors are faced with all kinds of enforcement and sanctions, like the notarized request of authority documents. There are even sites that even request contact information of buyer or tenant customers. They do not want these information from the real estate offices they deal with.”


Altın Emlak General Manager who stated that they will forward subject to related institutions said that “Today, construction companies are obliged to sell and lease the real estates in their turnkey contract or in preliminary contract for sale. In order to control the remaining stocks, they continue this process through the site management during the temporary management period. The people who take the project from the beginning of the project or landowners are suffering victimization. These companies are also causing unfair competition against the firm that wants to carry out the real estate marketing activity.”

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