Warning for the 3rd Airport

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When it is all completed there will be almost 225 thousand of people in the 3rd Airport in Istanbul City, but there seems to be a problem which is there are not enough houses around the Airport, according to the Specialists. The opening date is October 29th.  Airport employees begin to worry as the date approaches. There are two settlement plans in places which are 15 minutes close to the Airport, Göktürk and Kemerburgaz villages. 


A Huge Demand For New Buildings

Estimated 225,000 people will be working at the airport, which has 150 million passengers capacity. There are still not many many movements in buying renting houses which depends on the opening time that takes place in October, but it seems increases will be seen from the beginning of this summer.  Though as said, housing in the vicinity seems not enough. In a month or two, some new areas will be opened as for need of new houses.  

Sales Increase in May

According to the Real Estate Expert Tarık Davutoğlu, there is a need for luxury houses especially for pilots to stay. And mostly pilots and hostesses have already demanded houses in Göktürk and Kemerburgaz soon interest will increase in May and buying will start in this summer. 

Prices are low 

The prices vary from site to site, now the average sale price is between 6 thousand Turkish Liras and 11 thousand Turkish Liras. Experts claim that when one claims to rent a 1+1  apartment, he pays around 2 thousand Turkish Liras and in villa type buildings price is around 25 thousand and 30 thousand Turkish Liras also prices in on a decreasing scale due to the high-interest rates which bring new an opportunity and an advantage for the people who work in 3rd airport. 

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