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Leyla Ilhan, the writer of Dünya Newspaper, has published her article entitled '' Stocks are increasing in real estate ''. Here is that article.


Stock warnings in housing and office production increased. Coldwell Banker Country President Gökhan Taş said, "There are 600 thousand housing estates. With 1.5 million licenses, the stock is 2 million. " It is stated that the amount of stock in the office is 1.5 million square meters. That means an average of 15,000 offices in 100 square meters! In the shopping mall, which started to rise from the beginning of the year 2000, investments were greatly reduced due to saturation.

According to industry experts, the distress in offices is mainly due to the general economic conditions. It is said that the tendency to influence the office market is affected by smaller and more efficient offices instead of employees. It is also stated that the property owners are going to leave the place instead of giving it with low rent. Declining rents and low demand limit office investments. As for resurrection, it is requested to lower VAT which is 18% in the purchase and sale of office as it is in the residence. Meanwhile, due to the decline in the market, some projects are returning to universities, hotels and student residences. 

The rents fell by 30 percent

Mahir Mermer stated that 2017 was a good year for the tenants and bad year for the owners because of the fall of the rents and there is a decrease of up to 30 percent in the leases compared to 2015. Noting that they did not expect further decline in the rent figures this year, Mermer said, "Because it means a serious alarm after that. After that, we will stop investment. Owners prefer to keep the building empty instead of going under a certain level. "

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