What Are The Conditions Of State Support In The Residence?

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Last week, Finance Minister Naci Aghbal explained details of bagging laws sent to Parliament. According to this, Agbal stated that the contribution of the state in the housing account will be increased.

According to Yunus Caglar's report from Güneş newspaper, while the contribution of the state has been up to 20 percent up to now, citizens can not make up the contribution of 15 thousand liras. If the new law is adopted in Parliament, this figure will be increased to 20, and the rate will be increased to 25 percent. Here are those who are curious about the housing account ..


Citizens wanting to take advantage of the state contribution to open a deposit account or participation fund account in TL must be opened. On the date of the opening of the housing account, the housing account will not be opened on behalf of the owners of immovable property with all of the properties of floor-owned, flat-roofed or self-contained property registered in its name.


Parents or guardians may open accounts for children under 18 years of age. One person may only have a housing account. Partner accounts will not be considered as residential accounts, and accounts will not move between banks.


The inspection of the housing accounts will be carried out by the Treasury Controller Board within the information systems. Banks will be obliged to provide all kinds of information about housing accounts to the board.

4-) How Much Money should be Deposited?

Within the scope of the application, it is necessary to deposit a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 2,500 pounds per month for at least 3 years before the date of the housing act. Payments can be made in parts of 3 months (at least 750 every 3 months, up to 7,500 TL).


From 7 April 2015 onwards, the state contribution will not be paid to residences acquired by other residents, to the spouse of the participant and to the relatives purchased from relatives of first degree relatives, and to the periodic properties, except for the housing to which the state applies for receiving the government contribution.


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