What Are The Ways To Increase House Value?

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In cities where real estate investment such as Istanbul or Ankara is very active and thousands of homes are sold every day, the methods that will increase the value of the home provide a very important advantage. Because the value of having a house is on sale, there are points to pay attention to in order to make more profit and developments that need to be done. For example, you need to pay attention to the physical characteristics of your home to make it more valuable and to make the buyer more interested in your home. These physical characteristics include; The areas such as kitchen, bathroom and toilet are robust and clean, the paint is new, and details such as door handles, electric knobs, windows, chimney and floor are clean and sturdy.


One of the points among the methods that will increase the value of the house at the point where you sell real estate is the foreground as the right time for sale and the expectation of the right season. Because, if your house shows the effects of the climate very intensely, especially in the winter months or summer months, you have to wait for the right season in conditions that you are not in a tight state to sell the house. A home that is easy to cool off in the summer months A house that easily warms in the summer and winter can easily be sold in the winter and autumn.

Improvement of living conditions, such as the physical properties of the house, are also among the ways to improve the house value in the healing aspect. For example, taking your home in a very safe area and taking security precautions correctly both inside and outside will make your home more valuable. In order to make this place more valuable; steel doors, alarm systems or entrance floors, you can use balcony irons and terrace irons in your home. Especially in big and cosmopolitan cities like Istanbul, adequate measures are taken at home against theft cases, which makes the house look more valuable at the point of sale.

One of the details that many buyers consider importantly when selling real estate is how to improve the light receiving properties of the house in terms of how much light and sun the house gets at this point. You can make improvements in this area if you notice which side of your house receives sunlight and how bright it is. For example, while a house overlooking the South ceph and East ceilings is lighted at high altitudes, a house overlooking the North ceilings and western ceilings receives less sunlight. Magnifying the windows and changing the color of the paint in the house can provide a brighter home use at this point, in order to benefit more from the sunlight and the effect of more sunlight.

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