What The Housing Loan Applicants Should Pay Attention To!

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Being a host, getting rid of tenancy is within most people's dreams. The method used to get a home is usually a housing loan.

Payments must be taken into account before you can withdraw your home loan. What are the things that should be paid attention to those who apply for housing loans? 


1- Calculate how much you can borrow depending on your monthly income

The most effective way to calculate how much you can credit based on your income is to determine your total monthly installment amount, which equals half of your monthly total income. Once the monthly installment amount has been determined, you can calculate how much credit you can borrow according to the vagina. However, depending on the credit note and the sector in which you have worked, there are also applications for which the banks have reduced this rate by up to 30 percent.

2-You need to specify the amount of credit you want to use

Before applying to the bank, you must clearly determine the amount of credit you need. Deciding to hold a net hold and credit during a loan application can often cause you to miss important accounts related to your budget.

3- No budget for unexpected expenditures

Unexpected expenditures are the most likely cause for delay or non-payment of loans. Although it is not possible to plan for unexpected expenditures, an additional budget for preventive measures can be established. The simplest method is to deposit one-tenth of your monthly credit payments on your bank with your monthly credit payments. On this account you will accumulate a credit installment in 10 installments. Except for this method, you can create additional budget for unexpected expenditures by using methods such as private pension (BES), mutual funds, which are generally used for saving.

4- You need to set up your payment plan before applying to the bank

By creating a payment plan yourself and evaluating the payment order according to your budget, going to the bank with this plan will allow you to manage your budget more accurately. Accepting a payment plan in a short time in the bank that you have not done a lot of evaluation is not the right way to balance your budget.

5 – Housing loan application needs to be taken care of

At the beginning of the complaints of the consumers "What insurance is required in the housing loans?" the question is coming. Those who use housing loans do not have to take out insurance for earthquake insurance.

6 – You need to read the contract you signed

Request your contract or pre-contract information sheet. This gives you the opportunity to learn general information about credit transactions and the terms of the loan agreement. The likelihood of consumers being misled is reduced.

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