What To Consider Before Renting An Apartment

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In life, there can be times when you have to move out of the place you live due to many different reasons. In this article, you will find some tips to consider when renting a new place.


1. Searcing for an apartment

It is advisable to look up the possible apartments online and go to see the ones you like the most. You are lucky if you can find one in a district you are familiar to as you are aware of the facilities near the apartment. If not, try to spend as much time as possible in the district where you will pick your new apartment in order to find out whether it meets your standards by means of transportation, education and other social/vital activies.

After you decide on the district, do your reasearch for the best apartment in terms of its features, photos and location.

Spare a day to see as many apartments as possible in the district you picked. Then, make a pros/cons list based on their price and performance to make a choice.

It is important that the rent doesn’t exceed 30-40% of the total family income to avoid financial problems in the future.

2. Before making a contract

When moving in a new apartment, it is important that the tenant and landlord meet in person in order to clarify all questions, such as having pets, and reach a mutual agreement.

Also, examine the land registration to make sure it is legit before signing the contract.

Make sure these are clearly stated on the contract:

  • The situation of the apartment in detail, preferably with photos, in order to avoind any conflict when moving out.

  • Check if the digits on utility meters are up-to-date to avoid overpayment.

  • Rent increase rate, mode of payment and time of payment, condo fee and the deposit must be made clear. Keep record of your payment with paying by bank.

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