What To Know About Foreign Home Sales

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Recently people wants to get own real estate. So the strangers travel to foreign countries and searching to real estate. But if you meet strangers one day and if the strangers wants to buy your real estate. What should you do ?


  • Firstable you should know to where it came from your customer.

If you know your where it came from your customer, you can communicate more easily and right.

  • You should find out why your customer is here.

Your customer can be guilty. If you want more protection for your self and your real estate you should know to why your customer here.

  • You should find out why your customer wants to buy your real estate.

Your customer can be use your real estate for hiding. If you don’t know why your customer wants to buy your real estate , maybe your customer can include you on own fault.

  • You should find out to your customers how many will stay with person.( with family / with home mate / others.. )


Your customer can be so make noise in your real estate and your real estate neighbors can be disturbed. If your real estate neighbors disturbed to your customer, you can get in trouble.

  • You should know your customers documents for the buy real estate. (residence permit, criminal record, insurance, required consents from the consulate of the country concerned..)

  • You should find out to your customer has psychological problems that can harm own environment.

Your customer shouldn’t be bad react to environment.



Make sure that your client provides all necessary permissions. If these conditions are not met, you can not sell any real estate to foreign customers. If you careful about these steps, would not be in problem when you sell your real estate.



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