Where Are The Shortest Depreciation Periods İn Istanbul?

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Depreciation periods that means duration of self-payment of investment made with rent and similar incomes. This is taken into account in real estate properties for investment purposes.

The average duration of depreciation for real estate in Turkey is 18.4 on average, while in İstanbul this period is 17.6. Because the city is large, population-intensive is much more and the housing supply ratio high. Istanbul owns about 20% of annual housing sales in Turkey. Well, which districts are the shortest depreciation periods in Istanbul?


Amortization Period on the European Side Short Term Regions

The majority of districts with favorable depreciation terms are located on the European side. Amortization Period of comprehensive housing projects. Amortization Period of comprehensive housing projects are 13 years in Esenyurt. The best time for average Turkey. Küçükçekmece has done big and small construction projects and it became second with a 14-year depreciation period. Historic and central buildings attract attention in Sisli ant it became third witha 16-year depreciation period.

Amortization Period on the Anatolian Side Short Term Regions

Pendik and Tuzla are the shortest periods of depreciation on the Anatolian side. While the two districts are drawing attention with their comprehensive housing projects, the depreciation times changing between 13 and 14 years. Pendik’s advantage is the proximity to the airport and subway station. Tuzla offers bigger house, villa possibility that same price. What is important is the facilities that the person expects from the house.

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