Where Do Famous People Live in Istanbul ?

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Famuous singer Sibel Can lives in a three-storey house. Recently, she had her house decorated again. It is known that she also had many other real estate investments. Sibel Can likes flowers very much and colorful flowers are one of her essentials. She also likes being in a house which is clean, full of white coloured furniture and bright atmosphere.

She states the reason why she has been living in this house for a long time with these words “ I have been living in Beykoz for years because this house gives me the chance to be alone with the nature. I like slience and getting fresh air and this place has most of the featuress that I enjoy.”

Pınar dilşeker who is another famuous singer in Turkey lives in Ataşehir with her son Mert Ali. Let’s visit her and see what type of a house does she have. Pınar Dilşeker says she likes cooking and she is really good at it. This house in Ataşehir has large and comfortable kitchen so she can move in there easily. Famuous singer likes spending time in her house with her family.

Türkan Şoray’s daughter, Yağmur Ünal lives in this luxurious house in Etiler. Yağmur Ünal who became a current issue thanks to the production of the movie “uzaklarda arama”, made an offer to her mother. She thinks that this movie is going to be a special memory for them. At her luxurious villa in Etiler, all of the decoration were completed conscientiously. She says she has been doing this job for years but at the behind of the set, she behaves to people more sincerely.

Türkan şoray put her house up for sale. Her house is at the Bebek Coast and has a magnificent sea scenery. She demands 15 million TL for her palatial house and the main reason why she decided to sell  her house is because there is no elevator in it. She has health problems on her legs and this gives her big trouble in going up and down in the house which has no elevator. The luxurious villa at Bebek Coast has a great scenery.

The house which Demet Akbağ and Zafer Çika live in is at the Hisarüstü. Couple’s home has a great sea and forest scenery. They say the view of the house gives them peace and rest. The main reason why they live in this house is that the school that their son, Ali, goes is quite close to home.

Petek Ertüre who is the mother of Ali Ağaoğlu’s son, Ali Ege, lives in super luxurious house which is 550 sqm. The house was built at Ataşehir-Andromeda Gold which is a project of Ali Agaoğlu. The decoration of house prepared quite carefully. The floor which is placed at 51st flat has a great scenery. İf we talk about the decoration, every part of it shows consistency in itself and this increases the artistic view of the house.

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