Whıle The Houses Shırınk, Socıal Areas Grow Up

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Both interior and exterior are changing as the concept of housing changes according to the new era. This change also affects social spaces and housing. Branded housing producer and CEO of Propa, Can Özçiçek stated that the real estate situation in recent days has changed.


Innovations and changes in construction and design contribute to the development of the emerging ones. This situation increases the life quality of life inside and outside of the houses. The changes and quality brought about by this situation lead to innovations. So nowadays, we have some changed situations about inside and outside of the housing. We create the inside of homes special for people and we create outside as common areas for everyone, said Branded housing producer and CEO of Propa, Can Özçiçek.

The buildings are designed with different functions and features, and the quality and usefulness of these areas are highly regarded. Taking into consideration all the economics and quality expectations, a project is being made that offers both innovation and needs. Can Özçiçek, as visual desing, he said, while the homes are creating, all of the area should be designed and planned for that will live there for people.


Also Branded housing producer and CEO of Propa, Can Özçiçek said, the houses are not enough only for living recent days, the homes should improve the life qualities and meet the needs of people.

Nowadays, some cities are improved about that issues. For example, Eskişehir, Konya, Gaziantep, Adana etc. Branded housing multiply and the green areas, clean air etc are improved.

Finally, the horizontal and false constructions affect the people’ s life qulities badly. For Example İstanbul is so complicated about that issue. But in the recent days have some projects and workings.

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