“why Are You Gıvıng The Place Where The Deed Is To The Contractor?”

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is President of Turkish Republic warned citizens in Beykoz about not to give their private registered land to the contractors.

Erdogan who participated 6th AK Party Beykoz Ordinary District Congress gave a community-oriented speech.

Erdogan tells about the days he spent in Beykoz Çubuklu, “We came to the Küçüksu pasture. We visited there with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Turkish Parliamentary Speaker, and the mayor of Beykoz together. I remember old days there. People who are the same generation with me can remember these old days. There were some famous corn boilers. Let’s say we get to boil the corn boilers again? I want to transform that area in front of Küçüksu pavilion in Beykoz into the place as a recreation area. Let’s build parking area under that area. There are serious parking problems there”.


Erdogan said that place will be done in this summer, said that “We need to get rid of that area. People who live in Beyzoz do not deserve current area. I do not know the final version of Beykoz pasture has been arranged. We need to do there in the same way. This did not just address Beykoz. We came to picnic here from Kasımpaşa. We were playing soccer there, there was a pitch”.

Erdogan who reminded some places where people have deed said that “This is not related to the title deed”.


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