Why Did Serdar Inan And Inanlar Construction Go Bankrupt?

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Serdar İnan was graduated from Robert College and he is an educated boss in the architecture-educated sector. His intellectual level is above the middle. He is a poet. You have to give him credit for 3 points.

1) Customer satisfaction was important to him. He was one of the rare bosses in the industry who has"self-shame". It would not be easier having a dispute to be settled in court. They smooth over every problem.

2) He did not make any concessions in every period and everywhere. He always paid attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. The price of the houses they sold was "expensive". But he would make no compromises on quality.

3) In 2011, when Esenyurt crisis occurred,  they experienced all the difficulties but they delivered the project on time.

Serdar İnan was the first to say that the real estate prices in Istanbul were cheaper than London or New York … He always said.

You know what you did afterward.

Why Did Serdar Inan Fail?

1) Whatever the circumstances, he should have done the liquidation by himself. He should not have let this thing go to court. He should not have suffered hundreds of people who believed in him, his education and what he said, and who bought houses from İnanlar Construction – no matter what happens.

2) He had to pay his colleagues' compensation if any, and his accumulated receivables, up to the last penny.

3) They should hold harmless subcontractors who did his business for years.

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